Why I Love Synergy Laser Nevada

I am a nurse and I was working 12 hour shifts, I began having pain in my right knee. By the time I went to the orthopedic doctor my knee was sore, swollen and clicked when I walked. The diagnosis was a “bucket tear” in my meniscus. Not wanting the surgery offered I decided to seek alternative treatments. Fortunately for me, Synergy Laser Nevada offered laser treatments and within a month I was pain free and working my 12-hour shift without a brace. It has been five years since my initial treatment and with a diet, exercise and “touch up” laser treatments I have remained pain free.



Why I Love Synergy Laser Nevada

For years and years, I rode horses on a daily basis and never had back issues. It was only after I retired from riding that I began to have lower back problems brought on by simply picking up an item that weighed five or ten pounds. I began going to a chiropractor for temporary relieve and later learned of Synergy Laser Therapy. I went for two sessions a week for a period of one month and since receiving this treatment I have not had lower back pain again. I was initially very skeptical but after years of living pain free since my treatment. I have recommended friends and family who have also had similar success with the very simple procedure.



Joan Had Chronic Neck, Shoulder, And Back Pain Increased After An Accident. Nothing Was Working.
Then, She Came To See Us…

About 18 months ago I had a nasty fall at school, which caused damage all the way up and down my spine. The worst symptoms were neck and shoulder muscles that locked up, creating pain in those areas, and causing me to feel tense and irritable most of the time. This accident compounded other neck and shoulder issues that have been chronic. I’d tried regular chiropractic care for many years, which would bring temporary ease, but symptoms would always reappear in a short amount of time. When I found out about Synergy Laser, my pain level was probably at a consistent 7/8 out of ten, and I was very tired of feeling so grumpy and irritable all the time. My students surely didn’t deserve a teacher feeling like that!

After my treatments with Synergy Laser, my neck and shoulders felt wonderful. My hairdresser, who had consistently commented on the rock hard feel of my neck and shoulder muscles, said, “My gosh, you’ve actually got a neck!” She noticed the change in my body after only about 4 weeks of treatments.

It is so wonderful to feel better after suffering for so long. I hadn’t realized all the ways that tight neck and shoulder muscles impacted my general well-being. Now that nerves aren’t being impinged, and muscles are relaxed, my overall health has improved greatly. I even believe that these treatments helped lower my blood pressure to normal levels!

The professionalism, friendliness and genuine concern for helping me heal are the hallmarks of the staff at Synergy Laser. I have referred my husband, as well as several friends with chronic pain or wound issues to Synergy Laser, as I believe the work that he does is incredibly effective, non-invasive and provides results very quickly.

My quality of life has improved tremendously with the care provided at Synergy Laser.

-Joan Weber

Joan Weber

Wes Had Over 5 Years Of Constant Pain And Did Not Want Knee Surgery.
Then, He Came To See Us…

For at least the last 5 years I have had knee pain off and on to varying degrees of pain. The Doctors I have seen have all sent me through the standard x-ray treatment, telling me I have arthritis in my knee which is causing the pain. This year it happened so badly I could hardly walk; I heard about Synergy Laser and thought what do I have to lose? In his initial exam he told me I had a torn cartilage in my knee which was causing my pain and could only be confirmed by and MRI. My very open minded Physician sent me to get an MRI which confirmed what Synergy Laser had diagnosed. After my initial treatment plan I was 90 – 95% better without surgery! NOW the amazing part about is a week after the treatment I was in more pain than imaginable. I checked out an orthopedic surgeon who told me I needed a total knee replacement. Upon Synergy Laser hearing this news, they just couldn’t believe my knee could be in such bad shape, and asked me to get the x-ray from the surgeon so he could evaluate it. Upon evaluation Synergy Laser recommended extra treatments. We have all heard about patient care. Well, Synergy Laser is all about patient care. It’s has been a month since my last visit and I am happy to say that I have been steadily improving and now have hardly any pain, I am now 95 – 100% … Thanks to Synergy Lasers professional caring attitude and his awesome staff personal, knee surgery won’t be any time soon.

-Wes Prange

Wes Prange