Transferring Credits Policy

When becoming a patient of Synergy Laser Nevada, we devise a treatment plan specifically for you based on the number of treatments we feel will benefit you best. Because of this, we don’t allow the transferring of treatments or credits to other patients. We realize that you may start to feel better early on in your treatment, but we would like you to save your extra treatments for future use as maintenance for your condition.

Refund Policy

If at any time during your treatment plan you decide to discontinue treatment due to achieving your own desired results or you choose to stop for any other reason, Synergy Laser Nevada does not offer refunds. We will hold your funds for your use in the future for the same area or even a different area if you choose.

Response to Treatment

In order to eliminate any confusion, we must make this statement that no positive treatment outcomes are guaranteed. This, by the way, is the case in all forms of medical, chiropractic, osteopathic and physical therapy practices. Because of the usual variances in patient’s general health and activity levels, we cannot guarantee the results of our treatment under any circumstances. We try to the best of our ability to analyze every patient’s initial status to determine if they are viable candidates for laser therapy. There are a few cases where patients will not respond in a normal response pattern. In summary, human variances makes treatment outcome guarantees impossible and inappropriate.