What to Expect During Your Visits

New Patient Consultations. Your new patient consultation fee includes 2 visits.

1st Visit: New Patient Exam

We schedule a full 45 minutes for an examination and proper history taking which are of great importance to achieve your proper outcome. We ask that you bring any existing medical records that are of value along with you to your first appointment. This would include any imaging report, nerve conduction studies, or other useful diagnostic tests.

2nd Visit: Report of Findings

During this appointment, we will discuss the results of the exam and determine a personalized care plan. We will be able to ascertain how many treatments are necessary and over what time period to achieve your goal.  We address the four main concerns many people have:

1. What’s wrong with me?
2. Can you help me?
3. How long does it take to get well?
4. How much does this cost?

If you choose our services, treatment can commence immediately during this visit, with your Class IV Laser threshold baseline treatment.

3rd Visit and Beyond

Begin your journey to your recovery. Our belief is laser therapy represents the great triad of treatment: It is effective in over 80% of the cases, it has no demonstratable side effects, and it feels good to the patients.  We always make a point to move the laser at approximately 1 cm a second while treating the area, which is a safe and effective dosage. Staff and patient wear protective eyewear as laser’s can damage the retina.

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